Archival Photos

The Shield

The left half is the foundational seal for the Ukrainian Catholic Archbishopric of Philadelphia. The right is unique to Bohachevsky. The original exarchy was dedicated by Metropolitan Sheptytsky to the Immaculate Conception to underscore the Eastern Church’s loyalty to Catholicism. That image of the Virgin is presented over the secular symbolism of the stripes of the United States and the patriotic symbolism of the then non-existent Ukraine, the trident, which ends in a cross. The inscription, in Old Church Slavonic, is the beginning of a prayer to Mary: “Under Your gracious protection.”

Bishop Ambrose Senyshyn, the assistant bishop, Archbishop Bohachevsky, and Bishop Joseph Schmondiuk, who was the first American-born Ukrainian bishop, at the Holy Gates of the metal iconostasis at the old Cathedral. Metal iconostasis were unusual; most were made of wood or stone.

Bohachevsky's installation in Philadelphia in 1924

Bishop Bohachevsky walking alongside parishioners to his installation in 1924.

Visitation in Brazil (likely to be in 1930 or 1931).

Smiling Bishop with Sister Emilia Prokopik and Sister Bohdanna Podney (previously Podvajchatnyk) outside of St. Basil Academy in Fox Chase, PA. Bohachevsky taught these sisters in the novitiate and then relied on their whole Order. They later taught Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak and many other members of the family in high school.